In keeping with the Hardy family ethos, we are committed to sustainability and biodiversity in all aspects of the business, and this extends across the production of all of our brands, including the K1, Wines by Geoff Hardy, Hand Crafted, and GMH labels.

Geoff has overseen the planting of over 800 trees on his K1 property since 1987. We also aim to use only recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials, including our wine bottles, boxes and packing tape to ensure that we minimise waste and harm to the environment as much as possible.

We are currently trialing mixed under-vine and mid-row swards to support soil health and with the hope of reducing weed management. Additionally, during winter vine dormancy we run our Merino x Border Leicester sheep from our neighbouring property as natural mowers and fertilisers, to reduce the need for mechanically slashing weeds in the vineyard - think of them as "mobile mowing units".

As a further commitment to sustainability, we are proud to be a part of the EcoVineyards program, developed by Dr Mary Retallack. As part of the program we have planted native shrubs and groundcover – such as, Myporum, Ruby Saltbush and Bursaria spinosa - in our Pinot Noir to encourage beneficial insects to assist in pest management.